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John & Gill Ward zapp

Belezra German Shepherd Dog kennels was established in 1969 and has consistently advanced its standing within the breed. John's knowledge of the breed has grown over the years to the extent that he is now an International Championship Show Judge. He believes strongly in upholding the breed standard and has gained valuable experience and knowledge from within both this country and in Germany. His interest has expanded from the traditional British show dog into the complete GSD, which has been the norm in Germany for many years.

Complete GSD

The complete GSD is a dog that not only looks good and relates to the breed standard, but it can also work a track, carry out protection and obedience work, known as Schutzhund.

Unisca GSD

Gill with her mother Eunice owned her own successful kennels with the affix of "Unisca" and together won many CC's and Res CC's including "Champion Unisca Ricardo", later when Gill married John they amalgamated the two kennels under one name. In addition to showing and using her knowledge in obedience, she has become a qualified training instructor and behaviourist. Currently Gill is training in the sport of Schutzhund and believes this is the way forward for the GSD in the UK.

German Shepherd Dog Training Club of Cornwall

Gill is the head instructor at our Training Club. John is the Chairman of the club and shares his knowledge of the breed in the hope that it will encourage others to follow the the standard for the benefit of the GSD in this country. Further information on our Training Club is available here on our new website.

Living in West Cornwall, John & Gill probably travel more miles than most to compete throughout the country, showing their commitment to this very popular breed of dog.


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